Korean Arts Tour Program "MosaiKOREA - European Tour Concert"


[On Tour] Korean Arts Tour Program


1. Company : MosaiKOREA

2. Performance Title : Scattered Melodies(Sanjo)“


3. Event (Country) : Korean Arts Tour Program <MosaiKOREA - European Tour Concert>

4. Date & Place :

- 22 November 2014 / Wrocław Philharmonic Hall (Wroclaw, Poland)

- 24 November 2014 / Klub Palladium (Warszawa, Poland)

- 26 November 2014 / Flagey (Brussels, Belgium)

- 28 November 2014 / Millenaris TEÁTRUM (Budapest, Hungary)

- 1 December 2014 / Tempodrom (Berlin, Germany)


5. Performance Info

The theme of this performance “scattered melodies” is the literal translation of the Korean word sanjo, which is an instrumental genre of music that was developed for solo performances at the end of the 19th century. In this genre, which involves a substantial degree of improvisation, melodies are superimposed on various Korean traditional rhythms. The style is called <scattered melodies> because it involves the fusion of jumble of tunes that were frequently performed at the time when the style first gained popularity, a period lasting from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Sanjo is a genre that is specifically intended for solo performances; the movements are divided into different rhythms, typically starting with slower pace before gradually picking up speed. One of the strengths of this genre is the type of traditional music that it is perhaps the best way to expresses the virtuosity and musicality of each instrument.


Line Up : IN Jae-jin(Artistic Director) / HEO Yoon-jeong(Musical Director, Geomungo) / KIM Jung-hee(Vocal, Janggu) / KANG Kwon-soon(Vocal) / LEE Won-sool(Bass) / OH Jung-soo(Guitar) / SHIN Hyun-pill(Saxophone) / LEE Aram(Daegeum) / KIM Yong-ha (Haegeum, Percussions) / SHIN Dong-jin(Drums)


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7. Contact Info (tel or email) : 1107na@gokams.or.kr