• Premiere :2009
  • Genre :Theater
  • Company :Yohangza Theatre Company
  • Reference : PAMS Choice 2012

Performance Info

Yohangza Theatre Company has until now, through many works, involving symbolic objects, poetic images and music, shown exceptional experimentation. Up to the present there have been many theatrical performances of Hamlet, but Yohangza’s Hamlet is an unprecedented experience, where an intensely dramatic stage represents beautiful mise-en-scene of Hamlet’s anger and sadness. Through the special use of sound and color, symbols and metaphors, with an underlying basis of Asian culture, a new concept of theatrical performance has come into the world on a minimalistic stage where harmony and collision coexist.

Hamlet is commonly placed among the finest examples of Shakespearean tragedy. Interestingly, YANG Jung-Ung has found a way to seamlessly insert Korean shamanic gut rituals into this famous play. Tradition is given incessant modern expression in this Yohangza Theatre Company production in which the main characters are brimming with revenge and intrigue, tension and confusion.

On this stage unfolds the destined truths, which Hamlet faces, his hushed anger and madness swooping down on him conveying to a present day audience a self-portrait of our own troubles.

Production Details

Jung Ung YANG
YANG Jung-Ung studied creative writing at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. After working in Korea as a playwright, director and actor, he joined the Lasenkan International Theatre Company, based in Spain, gaining an international approach to dance and theatre in a non-traditional space.

Yang established the Yohangza Theatre Company with a group of young actors in Seoul in 1997. Yohangza means “voyager” in Korean, and the company is finding its own theatrical world by experimenting with physicality, image and space. He has continued to blend imaginative and original text with theatrical aspects of dance and music, always combined with a characteristic Korean mis-en-scene and beauty of form.

Contact Info

#4, 8-18, Myeongnyun-Dong 2-Ga, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, 110-522

Technical Info

Troupe Size : 01 ( 12 Performers, 6 staff )
min : 120 ( Intermission : )