Tiger with a white eyebrow
  • Premiere :2012
  • Genre :Theater
  • Company :TAROO
  • Reference : PAMS Choice 2013

Performance Info

A folktale told through p’ansori and a live gugak ensemble performance

is a Pansori musical with 4 Pansori singers as storytellers. Each storyteller occasionally transforms into a one-thousand-year-old tiger or a child, lively presenting and singing a story. Fun acts performed by Pansori singers who transform into various characters, humorousrhythms and tunes and live Korean traditional music performances harmonize together, providing a performance from which we can all learn avariety of wisdom of life contained from our old stories.

Production Details

Mi-jung KIM
The Korean Classic Musical Company TAROO is a performance group which creates and performs Korean classic musicals based on Korean traditional arts combined with Pansori.

This performance group has gained popularity with bold and brilliant creative performances through the best of artistic value of Pansori but varies from its standard pattern.

This performance group was awarded "The Arts Performance of the Year" in the field of traditional arts in 2006 and invited to various grand domestic performance arts festivals with their masterpieces
Jong-im JUNG

Contact Info

B101 Bora B/D, Dangsan-dong-4ga #40, Yeongeungpo-gu Seoul, Korea

Technical Info

Troupe Size : 01 ( 8 Performers, 5 staff )
min : 60 min ( Intermission : )