Pansori Hamret Project
  • Premiere :2014
  • Genre :Theater
  • Company :TAROO
  • Reference : PAMS Choice 2014

Performance Info

The true Hamlet story with Hamlet’s monologue, recreated into the highlight parts of Pansori ! 

〈The Pansori Hamlet Project〉 sets four characters to play Hamlet’s four different personas to maximize his internal anguish. In this pansori project, Hamlet is allowed to tell his own story, one in which the young man’s tormented journey to find out the truth behind his father’s wrongful death and overcoming his internal agony is revealed in detail. Hamlet’s lengthy soliloquy is told as a dialogue between Hamlets; Ophelia’s lines are expressed in song; and the highlight of the story, the final dual between Hamlet and Laertes, is constructed as a pansori, which is conveyed in a vivid and thrilling fashion. The weight of Hamlet’s internal struggle in the classic drama is reflected faithfully, yet the gravity of the canon is lightened, so as to show that Hamlet is no different from any one of us. 

Production Details

PARK, Sun-hee
TAROO is a performing arts group that was established in 2001, which has created gugak musicals(Korean traditional musicals) that integrate diverse artistic genres while into Korean traditional music. Armed with youthful sensibility, contemporary approaches, and delightful wit, TAROO has been recognized for both its popularity and artistic quality by carrying on the legacy of traditional pansori, while producing bold and whimsical works that could speak to contemporary audiences. By recreating the Korean traditional music to fit today’s tastes and sensibilities, TAROO tries to make a name for itself as Korea’s representative performance brand that produces works with its unique touch. - See more at: http://eng.theapro.kr/main.asp?sub_num=61&pageNo=1&state=view&idx=438&ord=1&ordt=1#sthash.H40THQlB.dpuf
JUNG, Jong-Im
Contact Person
JEONG, Kyung-hwa

Contact Info

B101 Bora B/D #40 Dangsan-dong 4ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Technical Info

Troupe Size : 01 ( 5 Performers, 12 staff )
min : 110 ( Intermission : 0 )