Paper Window
  • Premiere :
  • Genre :Theater
  • Company :Edu Art & Therapy CCOTBBAT
  • Reference : Ansan Street Arts Festival 2011

Performance Info

On the white wall, a fantasy sketchbook unfolds on this quiet space, where nothing is likely to happen. The artist paints on the spot and creates a large image on the white wall. The performer and the audience together take a journey into the fantasy sketchbook. This fantasy journey provides audience with a great laughter and makes people admire its wit. Through this experience where digital, analog, play ,conversation, stage and audience all break the boundaries and become one, the audience will receive a rare chance to experience media performing arts directly and have a valuable time.
is a visual that combines video equipment and hand drawing of the artist with its basic concept of creating the space for imagination and going in there to travel. By perfectly combining the performance and the experience, it has been praised highly. Furthermore, it has successfully attempted and taken a visual side of approach on a perfectly theatrical plot. This work creates harmony and balance by tearing down the walls of different form of arts, generation gap, and even the barrier between reality and imagination.

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Troupe Size : 01 ( Performers, staff )
min : 40 ( Intermission : )