Need to Focus More on Creation and Development than on Distribution


Need to Focus More on Creation and Development than on Distribution
[Focus] ] [PAMS 2012] LIP (Looking for International Partners) Reviews

Music Drama It’s Spring

LIP (Looking for International Partners) is a program designed to seek co-production partners at Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS). A total of ten projects were introduced through pre-selection. For each project, ideas and/or plans for each stage of creation, development, production, and distribution are introduced after which an open search for partnership in Korea and/or abroad begins. Selected projects are provided with information and consulting service for partnership matching and an opportunity to give presentations as well as the right to apply for a production space and the next year’s LIP showcase for a completed work or a work in progress.

Amrita Performing Arts

Post Ego Dance Company of Korea and Amrita Performing Arts of Cambodia are looking for a presenter and a co-producer for a collaborative contemporary dance project. The first workshop will focus on acquiring expertise and discussing the theme of the work while also taking time to develop dramaturgical concepts. The two companies plan to complete the production of the new work and start a worldwide tour presenting their shared repertoire during the second half of 2013.


KHMEROPEDIES II: Emmanuele Phuon

Domino (Domino)

Domino is a co-production series of Perforation Festival (Perforation Festival Croatia) and is looking for a presenter and a co-producer. Domino has been performed at Croatia, the United States, France and Slovenia and will soon be performed in Brazil, Serbia, and Moscow. The work communicates well with the audience because it uses expertise and artistic interpretation of the social context in which it is taking place (host country). This work has been presented as opening and closing events during many festivals and will appeal to the Korean theater professionals interested in street performances.

Studio Rebel

Studio Rebel was founded by Kangseon LEE, who has worked for the Korean international office of the renowned Shinjuku Ryozanpaku theatre company. Studio Rebel is planning a multidisciplinary / cross-genre project and looking for a co-producer, a set designer, and multimedia artists. This project is mainly about exploring the implications and consequences of creating a play centered on an object close to our everyday lives as well as its possibilities as an experimental play. Earphones were previously used as everyday objects. This time, a surveillance camera will be used and will be combined with dancers’ movements in an open space. The project strongly needs multimedia artists’ interest and participation.

Chuncheon Cultural Foundation

Co-produced by Mokhwa Repertory Company (Director: Taeseok OH) and Chuncheon Cultural Foundation, It’s Spring already premiered last June. The project is looking for a co-producer who will take charge of overseas presentations, multiple playwrights writing in various languages for overseas performances and stage artists. It is encouraging to note that the project is the first theatrical production of a cultural foundation operated by a local government. The musical drama consists of 28 actors and musicians; most of them belong to Mokhwa Repertory Company and there are also local actors and musicians. Chuncheon Cultural Foundation produced It’s Spring to revisit the work of Kim Yu-jeong, a writer from Chuncheon. After its premiere in June, its distribution in and out of Korea is being prepared. The nationally renowned producer Taeseok OH and the 19 actors had contributed to the successful premiere.


The music drama "It’s Spring”

Trust Dance Theatre and Culture Center Pii Poo

This project is a social participation performance by Trust Dance Theatre of Korea and Finnish Culture Center Pii Poo, organizations which plan to develop workshops and programs and create an original production in collaboration with communities of persons with disabilities in both countries. The project is in its development stage and is looking for dancers, a producer and a presenter. This project began as a Korea-Finland connection project supported by KAMS.

Stalker Theatre

A project conducted by Stalker Theatre, an Australian physical theatre company, is looking for a collaborator, a co-producer, and a presenter. Project Encoded is a project carried out through the collaboration of talented digital artists, designers, software engineers and physical theater actors. Stalker Theatre is willing to breathe a human soul into cutting-edge technology. It says that it will produce performances not only for indoor theaters but also specific outdoor spaces.

Lina Limosani

Lina Limosani is looking for a presenter and a co-producer for the collaborative project carried out by Australia and Malaysia. The project is in its development stage. A Delicate Situation, a project led by her, was first conceived in Malaysia in 2008 and premiered at the Kuala Lumpur Arts Centre. In the research process of elaborating on the initial conception, she combined cultural roots of the work while also studying a great number of lasting superstitions related to death. Along with the composers, sound designers and artists whom she has met in this process, she has discussed how to further develop the work. Having experienced the tragedy of losing her husband during the project, she seeks to explore humans’ superstitious nature that is revealed when they approach the question of death, deathbed and the afterlife.

NYID and Wooturi

Ampers&nd, a collaborative project conducted by NYID (Not Yet It’’s Difficult) of Australia and Wooturi of Korea, is looking for a presenter. The project combines “Body Listening,” an inter-media training system, and a conventional art form to invent a brand new choreographic language and system. In 2011 and 2012, the project completed its research and development phase in Dresden, Germany, in Melbourne, Australia and during Chucheon Arts Festival. NYID and Wooturi are planning a tour in 2013, starting by the premier of Ampers&and at Momjit Theatre in Chuncheon on November 6, 2012.

Farm in the Cave

Farm in the Cave is looking for physical theatre actors, a presenter, and a co-producer for Amigas (working title), a new work about an international conference shedding light on local issues suggested by co-producing partners. This is a site-specific project that will be carried out by members of Farm in the Cave, a Czech physical theater company and artists invited from abroad. What is interesting is that the co-producers will suggest issues. The project will thus draw its inspiration from messages and local cultures of specific regions and spaces. The theater has produced Sclavi / The Song of an Emigrant, Waiting Room, The Theatre and The Journey to the Station. It is planning to perform more in site-specific locations outside the traditional theatres.

Legs on the Wall and Asia Now

Korea’’s Asia Now and Australia’s, Legs on the Wall are looking for co-commissioning and presenting partners, arts centers and festivals for its collaborative project Tale of Samulnori. The project is a musical circus about four kids setting out on a journey to find four musical instruments. The project was conceived to identify diverse elements in Korean traditional performing arts and to experiment and incorporate these elements into contemporary performing arts. Its development phase including preliminary research, workshops, residency and the premiere will be followed by the performances in Australia in February 2013 and in Korea in May 2014.

Looking back, artists participated more voluntarily in last year’s LIP than in this year’s one. Such voluntary participation also contribute to carrying out collaborative projects. For example, a Japanese choreographer found Dance Theater 4P thorough LIP. After several trials and errors, this choreographer completed workshops and rehearsals twice in Korea and is planning to present The Absence of the City at SPAF on October 19 and 20. Such success stories make us feel more excited about LIP.

Last year’s partner search was focused on those contributing to the development phase (e.g. creative staff, performers and choreographers) while this year, it was mainly about the distribution phase (e.g. festivals, presenters and producers). Indeed, the ten projects introduced during this year’s LIP included collaborative projects conducted by Korea and Australia as well as Korea and Finland. It thus seems that there was a limit to introducing projects in their development stage encompassing diverse production environments and experiments. It is true that distribution is a basic element of a market. However, comparing the characteristics of LIP and those of other market programs, LIP should be focused more on the creation and development phase than on distribution.


LIP Audience members during presentations


Kyungsuk BEAK _Planning Manager / Producer, Theatre Buksetong
Kyungsuk BEAK _Planning Manager / Producer, Theatre Buksetong

Kyungsuk BEAK is interested in artist training programs and intermediate spaces. She has worked for Theatre Nottle, Wonju Ttattu Festival, Chuncheon International Mime Festival and Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival. She is currently serving as the planning manager and producer of PLAY BST.